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Heritage Quilters Encourage You to ‘STAY WOKE’

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Not simply a trending topic on social media or a hit song by Childish Gambino, to be “WOKE” means to become and maintain an awareness of social, identity, and racial injustices plaguing society.

This year, the Heritage Quilters are intertwining this message with intricately selected fabric for our upcoming quilt show, STAY WOKE.


This year’s show features quilts made by members of Warrenton’s Heritage Quilters and Durham’s African American Quilt Circle, encompassing social justice issues intricately depicted through textiles.

(WARRENTON, NC – May 20, 2019) The passion for quilt-making thrives among the Heritage Quilters, a group of women and men from Warren and Vance counties.  Continuing to reflect the quilters’ enthusiasm for the art form, this year’s show, STAY WOKE depicts social justice issues intertwined within various textiles. In conjunction with Public Art Day, the show will open Saturday, June 1, 2019, 10am-4pm at the Historic Aaron Hendrick House at 105 South Front Street in Warrenton, NC. 

“Quilts have always told stories,” Jereann King Johnson commenting about the quilt show’s theme. “Contemporary quilters capture in their works current events and stories relevant to their times.”

Also, the Heritage Quilters will incorporate quilts from the African American Quilting Circle of Durham, NC as well as a special addition by the art students of Northwest Collegiate and Technical Academy in Littleton, NC.

The show is free and open to the public.