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Belinda Mack Alston

Belinda Mack Alston Heritage Quilters bioThe oldest of three girls, I was born in Brooklyn, New York, lived in Florida, Kansas and now I reside in Henderson North Carolina. Blessed am I to know the Lord. I love living life to the maximum, which includes meeting new people, traveling, engaging in activities such as bowling, shopping, exercising, visiting museums and parks, and enjoying gospel, jazz, and R&B concerts.

My mother passed in 2000. Wanting to do something with her clothes, I found the world of quilting. It did not take long before I was hooked on quilting because quilting offers so many options for artistic exploration. I knew how to sew and learned to create something from bits and pieces of my life when I met the Heritage Quilters and took classes at Miss Lou’s, a local quilting studio.

Working in the mental health field for over 25 years has been a blessing.
I started working with children 10 years and under for about 10 years, then developmentally and severe and profound developmentally challenged adults in community workshop settings. I’ve work with SPMI (severe & persistent mentally ill) for the past 14 years in an Adult Day Program.

My association with the Heritage Quilters Giving Circle, like quilting, gives me many options for exploring community issues and for using my talent and time as a quilter to contribute significantly to community services and youth development.

Uncle Eli's Quilting Party – Alamance County, North Carolina from Milton Falls Media on Vimeo.